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We Buy Junk Vehicles


When we say that we want to serve every possible Richmond resident that we can, it is not a marketing slogan; we mean it! We realize that Richmond has a large variety of vehicles and we structured our buying service to accommodate that. We buy many different types of vehicles and we rarely turn customers away without making an offer. We don’t try to fill our lot with only the most expensive vehicles, we try to buy them all! We believe that this gives us an edge on the competition because it allows us to gain loyal customers that give us repeat business. We don’t just want to make a buck, we want to serve our customers for years to come.

What We Buy

Work Vehicles – Many of our competitors refuse to buy multiple vehicles from the same source. This may seem counterintuitive for a used car buyer but it keeps them from buying vehicles that are owned by businesses. We understand that vehicles that are essential to business operations (such as taxis, passenger vans, and delivery vehicles) are often thoroughly used by the time they are sold off but we believe that getting these cars off the road and making way for new vehicles is the best way to insure that more fuel efficient vehicles are driven which can help our local environment. Because of that, we make it easy for local businesses to sell to us. We buy multiple vehicles without trouble and we have bought vehicles in just about every condition that you can think of. Consumer Vehicles – We buy just about every make, model, and year. Meaning that we buy cars that are very old or that are worn out. We even buy vehicles that would otherwise be on their way to the landfill. We buy vehicles that do not pass emissions tests or that have severe engine trouble. We buy cars, vans, SUVs, hybrids, crossovers, and trucks of every size and shape. We even have experience buying collectible vehicles and sports cars. Our success depends on our ability to buy any car that we come across which is particularly good for people who own vehicles that are difficult to sell because they are in poor condition or because their manufacturer has a poor reputation. Put simply, there is no better place to sell a vehicle than at Cash For Cars Richmond.




Thanks a lot.
Scott W.

"If you have a car you want to sell quickly, this company is great. I had a "For Sale" sign on my car for weeks, but never had a single person call me. This company agreed to buy my car immediately over the phone. A huge relief for me."