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If you have had previous experience selling vehicles you may be hesitant to sell again because of all the hassles that go along with it. Here are some ways that we make selling your vehicle easier than any other option:

When you sell a vehicle on your own, you generally end up investing more time and money than you count on. You have to pay for advertising space and detail your vehicle to make sure you attract buyers. You must take photos of your vehicle, write a blurb about it, answer questions from potential buyers, give test drives, and consider low ball offers. At Cash For Cars Richmond, we make everything easier. We buy cars as-is, regardless of cleanliness and appearance. We make offers after just one phone call, so you won’t have to invest months of your time to find out what your vehicle is worth.
After all of your hard work, many cars don’t end up selling because either the market is flooded with similar vehicles or they are no longer popular (because of lower fuel efficiency or very outdated features). We evaluate vehicles based on a different set of criteria than the average consumer, so we are able to buy vehicles that are not popular at the moment such as old cars and large trucks.
If you decide to trade your car into a dealership you will be at the mercy of complicated contracts that are often designed to trick you into paying hidden processing fees or to confuse you on how much you are really getting for your vehicle. We won’t charge you a cent! You will receive an offer for free and if your vehicle needs to be towed we will tow it away for free.
If you decide that you are ready to sell your vehicle without the hassle, give us a call. Whether your car is new, used, or junk, all the steps are the same. When you call, be ready to answer some questions that allow us to get to know your vehicle. The call will only take about fifteen minutes and you will have your cash offer by the end of it! If you decide to take our offer, we can schedule a time in the following few days to meet and finalize the sale. Just imagine, you could sell your car by the weekend without leaving your home!




Thanks a lot.
Scott W.

"If you have a car you want to sell quickly, this company is great. I had a "For Sale" sign on my car for weeks, but never had a single person call me. This company agreed to buy my car immediately over the phone. A huge relief for me."